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Price your products too high, and you will loose sales. Price your products too low, and you will loose margins. RecordedWeb makes it possible to price and reprice your products to maximize sales at all times.

Get structured web data and pricing intelligence about your competitors, served through a web based self-service analytics tool in which you can add interactive graphs, tables, pie charts and much more to analyze your competition.

Make your competitor research up to 95% more efficient. Focus less on data collection and data preparation, and more on finding competitive advantages and executing winning tactics.

Automate your pricing through integration with your ERP to maximize efficiency and become the unbeatable player in your niche.

At the beginning, we offered a standard solution to all our customers. It didn’t work. We ended up disappointing many of our customers while trying to squeeze in all sorts of functionalities to please them all, and as a result none of them were fully satisfied.

So, nowadays we do customizations on top of our platform in customer projects, with a 100% focus on what each customer need, and then deploy the customized solution on dedicated servers as a managed service in the cloud. Would any customer later want to manage and host their own solution on their own servers, we can provide such a transition at no cost, except for a small license fee for our softwares.


  • Get structured data from the web
  • Analyze in self-service dashboard
  • Monitor pricing per product
  • Monitor pricing per category
  • Find trends
  • Find sweet-spots and opportunities
  • Integrate with your ERP
  • Web based matching tool
  • Customized to fit your needs
  • Hosted and managed by us
  • Dedicated servers
  • Awesome support
  • Access to top notch analysts
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World-class Crawler and Business Intelligence.

We have invested some 4 million euros in pure system development to be able to do the things we do. 95% of our technology is developed in house due to the massive amount of data we need to handle every single day, and 5% is open source software. 
We run servers on Amazon, Rackspace and a number of servers in a couple of private data centers in Europe. In addition, we have multiple proxy servers in each country we serve, and a proprietary IP-rotating solution able to handle the most demanding scenarios you can imagine. We have user agents for various desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Our web spiders collect millions of pages every day, and our back-end systems process all that data in realtime for our customers. Everything is served either via our drag-and-drop web based business intelligence dashboards in real-time, or programmatically via our various API’s.

We provide tools to both automatically and manually match product catalogs with competitor catalogs on SKU level, providing a time save of 95%.

We do Big Data. Hey, we’re recording the web! Networking infrastructure, servers, databases and algorithms are what we talk about at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even late at night with our spouses. Sick? Yes, perhaps. Passion? Oh, yes!
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